Commonly Asked Questions


What are the strict requirements used for locating a Build Bike?

Only select bikes can become a Route 69 Custom motorcycle.  To view the selection process for every  Build Bike that comes into our shop, you can view it HERE.

I already own a bike. Can I Customize A Bike that I Already Own?

Absolutely! We can customize a bike you already own.  Just contact us and we’ll set up a time to talk about what you envision being done. 

Amazing shop with unlimited options. If it’s in your head, Kevin can put in on or in a bike.

Shawn Dery

What are my paint choices?  Can it be anything?

We can match any color you want and have a wide range of airbrush artists to make your vision a reality.

Are there limitations to the customization I can do?

If you can dream, we can build it, so the possibilities are endless.

Always great service, never been disappointed.

Russel Halamar

How Long Will it take to customize my bike?

The amount of time depends on the complexity of the bike.  For a simple breakdown you can look at Time And Money.

How much will it cost to customize my bike?

The cost of the customization depends on the complexity of the bike and how much time it will take to complete the job.  For a simple breakdown you can look at Time And Money.

What Are Some Of The Common Custom Options?

  • Paint color: show room colors by (Xcluzive Autoworkz).
  • Wheels Size: 16/17/18/19/21 or 23/26 with raked triple tree or raked frame
  • Wheels: (MANY) chrome/black/factory types/painted/CNC machined ect
  • Motors: 88/96/103 HD or Custom
  • Transmission: most common is 5 or 6 speed
  • Handle Bars: Most bikes get mini aps chrome or black or custom up to 20”
  • ALL Peripherals: grips/switches/levers/mirrors/gauges etc. chrome/black/painted
  • Radio: factory and or aftermarket with upgrade speakers by Polk, or Sony marine radio with Polk
  • Lighting: Usually LED CREE front with Led sides and rear or custom
  • Exhaust: Chrome or black dual or single MANY options
  • Seats: black or MANY options and exotics.
  • Pegs/Floorboards/brake lever/shifter and linkage many options chrome/black etc.
  • Rotors front/rear usually chrome to match rim design or custom
  • Fork tubes chrome reg length or 2” lowered std. or custom based on front rake
    (Rear to match front) or air ride
  • Lower Legs: chrome/black or matching paint
  • Inner fairing same color as body.
    Various powder coating options available (TRAXX)
  • All Cables: stainless/black pearl
  • Rear pulley chrome/black or custom
  • Calipers factory or aftermarket or custom paint
  • Badging our HD logo or custom (Route69Customs)
  • DIY
  • Trike Wheels

So Why are there bullet holes in the Route 69 Customs Logo?

We wanted our logo to look “aged” and you can’t tell us you haven’t seen an old road sign with a couple of good ‘ol bullet holes in it? Am I right?

route 69 customs logo b/w

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