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Kevin Anthofer, founder and owner of Route 69 Customs grew up riding motorcycles.

“Growing up we were always working on motorcycles. Over the years I’ve had Goldwings, Silverwings, dirt bikes, three-wheelers, four-wheelers and eventually Harleys. I was 15 when I got my first Harley-Davidson, a Sportster. Then as I got older I rode a Fatboy, and the last decade is where I have been doing a lot of riding, throughout the U.S., Canada and even as far as Costa Rica, and now my bike of choice is a touring bike.”

In 2008 Kevin owned and operated Americauto, a business that purchased and repaired used and damaged cars, and soon discovered damaged bikes as well. It was only natural that he would do the same with motorcycles.

“In 2008 I owned a company called Americauto, and in my searching for cars to repair, I began to discover damaged motorcycles as well, so it wasn’t too long before I began Americycle as well. At first I just purchased regular titled damaged bikes, just like the cars I was finding, and then we would spend hours and hours, and thousands and thousands of dollars fixing and repairing these damaged bikes, but in the end, the value just wasn’t there. The customer could spend thousands of dollars upgrading a Harley Davidson, but if they ever decided to ride something different, a dealership is only going to pay the trade-in price for the stock model the bike. So I started to think, if a custom bike isn’t going to grow in value, maybe we should begin from a good salvaged title bike instead? The customer could get a great custom bike, at a much lower cost, and since we are rebuilding from the frame up, they are getting a quality bike.

So that is when we shifted to begining our projects with the right salvaged bikes. But, the careful selection process for finding a Route 69 Customs Build Bike didn’t begin to really take shape until I started taking one of my employees, a Harley-Davidson mechanic, along with me to the auctions. It was there, he began to walk me through exactly what we should be looking for in a Build Bike for our custom projects. He would say, ‘here’s where you should be looking on the frame, and this is what you would be looking for on the neck…look for this, not for that.’ and over time I started to define what our process for selecting Build Bikes looked like.

 Today, Route 69 Customs is confident that whatever kind of bike you are wanting to customize, Kevin can find a great Build Bike to begin!

Since it’s beginning Route 69 Customs has built custom bikes either “your way, or ours,” meaning if you have an idea of what you want, we’ll build it, but because there are thousands of options available during a build and if you just can’t decide, our team is there to help along the way. We’ve been doing it since 2008 and have customized over 300 plus bikes!

Contact us today Route 69 Customs and let’s build something together!

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