Each of our custom builds begins with a carefully selected”salvaged” bike. 

It Has To Run

It Has To Ride

 Our expectation for The bikes we use

The Motor Has To start And Run

If the bike doesn’t start, we won’t buy it.  Every bike that comes into our shop has a motor that fires right up and runs well.  The bikes we begin our custom builds with, the motor is not the problem.  They’re usually newer and have low actual hours in run-time. They’re typically just victims of their previous owner just having a bad day.

It Sustained Front End Damage

When locating your foundational bike we always search for bikes that have been salvaged due to front-end damage.  Why? Because, when we first started rebuilding bikes back in 2008, we discovered, regardless of the damage, we always had to replace the front-end of every bike.  Handlebars, Forks, Wheels, Fender.  Every bike, every time.  So now we intentionally find bikes that have sustained front-end damage, since we know were going to be replacing the parts anyway.

The Frame Is In Great Condition

Because we only select bikes that have had front damage, this also means that the bike, from the neck back is in great shape.  Every bike we start with the frame HAS to be in great shape with no damage.

When talking about motorcycles

and you see the word “salvaged,”

what image comes to mind?

Probably a badly damaged bike, right?

The Real Story Of A “Salvaged” Bike

For Route 69 Customs It Actually Looks More Like This.

For an insurance company to classify a motorcycle as “totaled,” it simply means that the total cost of the repair will exceed 50% or more of the bikes total value.

Using salvaged bikes to begin our custom build Harley Davidsons is the “secret-sauce” for getting you the bike of your dreams with a price that you can afford. It pains me, when someone brings in a brand new Harley into the shop and asks us to tear it apart.  Don’t get me wrong, WE’LL DO IT, but I feel bad doing it. 🙂  I would much rather start with a salvaged bike and see a great bike, who’s only offense was that it’s previous owner had just a really bad day, and give a second chance at life by getting it back on the road.

Kevin Anthover

Owner, Route 69 Customs

The Real Story Of A Salvaged Bike

For Route 69 Customs It Actually Looks More Like This.

When a repairing a damaged bike Harley Davidson only provided parts in “full kits” making it impossible, for example, to repair just a front fender.  So in order for a repair shop fix a dented fender they are required to purchase a full parts kit for that bike, that can include both front and back fenders, gas tank, side bags, etc. which can drive the price of even simple repairs into the thousands. 

So as an example, if the value of a bike was $18,000 before the accident, and the total repairs to restore to like new condition, exceeds more than half of the bikes value, and the repairs can add up quickly, the insurance companies will just call it and say it’s totaled.

And this a great news for you!

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Salvaged Bikes We've Given A Second Chance

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