each Route 69 Custom begins with a carefully selected Build bike.

And All Build bikes that come into Our shop must meet the following strict requirements.


first, every Build bike that comes into the shop

must meet these two key requirements.

1. it has to Run

With the Build Bikes we begin our projects the motor was not the problem. Most are actually newer, have low mileage and actual hours in run-time on the motor. Usually, they’re just victims of a previous owner who had a bad day. This first requirement is a deal breaker, if it doesn’t start, it doesn’t become a Route 69 Custom bike. Every bike that comes into our shop fires right up and runs well. 

2. it has to ride

Once we determine that it runs, it has to roll.

Our Build Bikes need to  “move by their own accord,” so if it can’t be rolled onto a trailer it doesn’t get brought into the shop.

In fact, most of the salvaged title bikes that we begin our projects with, typically have only sustained either light or mostly cosmetic damage.

So you’re probably wondering, why would the insurance companies designate a bike salvaged with only light or cosmetic damage?

Keep reading.

 Did you know?

A repair shop, because of restrictions put on them by Harley Davidson, can’t purchase and replace an individual painted part that has been damaged on a bike. So, as an example, if a fender is dented, a repair shop is not allowed to just replace the damaged fender. Harley Davidson requires them to purchase what they call “The Paint Skins,” or all of the painted parts for that particular bike. So a simple damaged fender could mean they have to replace, both front and rear fenders, gas tank and even sidebags if the bike has them.  As you can imagine these costs can begin to add up quickly to 9k, 10k, 12k or more. And when you combine this, with any other additional damage the bike may have sustained, many times it’s just easier for the insurance company to cut it’s losses and total the bike. This is great news for you! It’s why Route 69 Customs can find a great bike for you to begin your custom build at a greatly discounted price!

see for yourself, here are some of the “salvaged” Build bikes in our shop right now.

But, even if these bikes were not rideable,

for a custom build it really comes down to three key areas, or as Kevin, the owner of Route 69 Customs, calls them “Good Bones.”

A Good Motor

A Good Transmission

A Good Frame

All the rest of the bike; handlebars, wheels, rims, lights, seats, bags, is peripheral

it’s actually the selection of these parts that make the bike a custom bike.

Want To Ride Your Dream Bike?

Our design strategy provides a way for you to ride a one-of-a-kind, newer model custom harley davidson with low original mileage at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

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